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Red Almond

Continuous Spray Bottle 10.1 oz and 16.9 oz.,

Continuous Spray Bottle 10.1 oz and 16.9 oz.,

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The product is a High-Pressure Spray Bottle that can be used for

  • Re-hydrate for hair styling
  • Plant humidity & reptile enclosure
  • Disinfectant spray bottle
  • Facial misting
  • Ironing


  • Fine mist spray
  • Each pump sprays 1-2 seconds.
  • Twist and lock bottle closure


  • Glossy finish
  • Ergonomic neck design to handle
  • Available size 10.1 oz. and 16.9 oz.
  • SUPERIOR SPRAY BOTTLE SUBSTITUTE: Plastic soft-sided spray bottle. ergonomically designed, environmentally friendlier, and easier to spray compared to aerosol cans and regular spray bottles. Only a handful of pumps gives you a large evenly distributed spray pattern. An inventive new spraying concept for hairstyling, cleaning, grooming, and gardening.
  • MINIMAL SPRAY SOUND, MAXIMUM SPRAY ACTION: Bottle can disperse a fine mist or a continuous spray, depending on the number of pumps. A short, lighter squeeze results in a short, quiet bursts of fine mist, while multiple light pumps give you a continuous aerosol-like mist that is capable of spraying upside down for a full 360-degree spray.
  • SAVES TIME AND ENERGY: Easy to use and refill, this bottle safely holds most bulk chemicals and liquids. To refill, you simply pop the top, fill with the liquid of your preference, prime, and then spray. There is a plastic tube with a coiled spring on the inside that be can unscrewed from the inside of the nozzle and cleaned. Holds 10.1oz/300ml of fine liquid.
  • EASY ON THE HANDS: Steady use of the spray bottle results in far less hand fatigue compared to standard trigger sprayers that often take multiple squeezes just to get a spray started. A welcomed alternative to those with arthritis and other hand ailments.
  • A HAPPY HELPER: Our spray bottle can do more than help you achieve that perfect up-do. Put some water in it to spritz your flowers and succulents. Place a bit of window cleaner in it to disinfect around the house. There are endless possibilities.

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